Regal 1

In early 2015 we imagined building a brand renowned for producing high quality timepieces that are within reach of the general public. We were tired of seeing amazing looking watches with price tags north of £1,000. A quality timepiece shouldn’t cost you the earth. Some big name watch companies produce watches in the same factories that we do, yet charge much more. These companies price their watches according to perceived value. If a watch costs more, it must be better, right?
Fast forward to 2018 and we've grown as people and as a company. We realised the Regal 1 brand is bigger than just timepieces. We are now producing a range of luxury items from card holders to phone cases.

Making a difference – The Impact

In an industry where nothing else matters other than image. We wanted to challenge that. Not only are all our products made from cruelty free synthetic materials such as silicone, canvas and premium PU leather; we also contribute to charities that we believe are playing a pivotal role toward cleaning up our environment, helping those in need and most importantly aligning our moral compass.


About Us – The People

We are a relatively small designer of unique luxury goods and timepieces from London. We want to share our love of design and horology which is why we strive to design and produce beautifully crafted products of the utmost quality for an affordable price. We have teamed up with some of the best names in the industry and sourced parts from all over the world to make that happen.