About Us

Regal 1

In early 2015 we imagined building a brand renowned for producing high quality timepieces that are within reach of the general public. We were tired of seeing amazing looking watches with price tags north of £1,000. A quality time piece shouldn’t cost you the earth. Some big name watch companies produce watches in the same factories that we do, yet charge much more. These companies price their watches according to perceived value. If a watch costs more, it must be better, right?
In late 2015, after a year in the making, we were proud to put our debut piece into production. With a limited run of only 200, the Regal 1 Prime has been more successful than we anticipated.

The Prime was a realisation of a dream and we are humbled to see such a positive response to our designs. We are very much savouring the journey and putting our momentum into designing our next timepiece... The Virtue.
We have some amazing plans for the future with many more designs in the pipeline we hope to keep expanding our watch collection and continue to bring you stunning Regal 1 watches.

Our Mission

We are a relatively small designer and producer of unique timepieces born in London, United Kingdom. We want to share our love of horology with you which is why we strive to design and produce beautifully crafted timepieces of the utmost quality for an affordable price. We have teamed up with some of the best names in the industry and sourced parts from all over the world to make that happen.

Our Passion

Since we were teenagers we've had a huge passion for watches and luxury timepieces, we've seen influential designs and fashion sculpt the watches you see today. In a world with endless brands, we wanted to make our mark and share our designs with fellow watch enthusiasts. We love hearing feedback from you guys so please feel free to Contact Us

We believe in ensuring quality always takes priority over quantity. We are very passionate about the integrity of our brand which is why all of our products are produced in limited quantities.

We don't make watches we wouldn't wear.

Regal 1 Prime TimePiece Regal 1 Prime TimePiece Regal 1 Prime TimePiece